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Jobs, Unions, Living Wage

The strength of an economy is directly related to wages. The strongest economy in the last one hundred years was when the Union membership was over 30%. We now have around 10%. We are experiencing the largest wealth an income inequality since the Great Depression. It is only getting worse. Wages are falling. We now have over 50% of our workers making less than 30K a year. It is only getting worse.

Nevada, and the rest of the country, needs to implement a Living Wage. There is no job that needs to be done that doesn't deserve a paycheck that will provide, at the very least, enough to pay the bills. We should not have our citizens having to choose between food or rent.

We need to end our Right-to-Work laws here in Nevada, as well as the rest of the country. The workers need to stand up for collective bargaining. I will be a strong supporter in Nevada and at the Federal level. 


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